Downtown Development Authority



  • 6:30 p.m.
  • Third Wednesday
  • The Council Chambers. 
  • Term: 4 years

  • Residency Requirement: Over half need to have a vested interest in the DDA district, with one member being a DDA district resident

  • Training Requirement: From time-to-time training will become available and members are encouraged to attend 

  • Volunteer Requirement:  Board members are highly encouraged to volunteer their time in the different events throughout the year

  • Committees to the DDA: Promotions Committee & Organization Committee
    The DDA Board appoints the members to the Promotions & Organization Committee


  • Michael Barrette, term ending 2024                      
  • Tim Bishop, Mayor, term of office                     tbishop@davisondda,org   
  • John Good, term ending 2024                
  • Jim Slezak, term ending 2026                         
  • Deb Loveland, term ending 2023           
  • Tiffini Bridgett, term ending 2023                                      
  • Ron Campbell, term ending 2025           
  • Dave Weir, term ending 2025                  
  • Paul Snyder, term ending 2026               


The Downtown Development Authority (DDA) has 9 members.  The group is responsible for managing the Downtown Development Authority District. Most of the activities of the DDA include events including Pumpkin Festival, Car Cruise, Festival of Flags parade, and Christmas on Main Street. Projects also include improving the infrastructure of the downtown business district.

Go to the DDA’s webpage to view additional information on upcoming events. 

DDA By-Laws