Code Enforcement

Code Enforcement Mission Statement 

"Through its Code Enforcement Officer, the City of Davison's Code Enforcement Division as part of the Building Department, is dedicated to the enforcement of all Codified Ordinances in order to keep the City of Davison a safe, healthy and eye appealing community for our kids to grow up in and our citizens to reside. It is the responsibility of all Community members to ensure the maintenance and upkeep of all properties so that the above stated may be achieved."

Background Information

The Code Enforcement Officer's responsibilities include, but are not limited to, the enforcement of the City's blight, littering, junk motor vehicles, recreational vehicles and sign ordinances. The Officer patrols the whole City on a regular basis and works with the citizens to resolve any issues that need to be addressed. The officer prepares monthly reports to present to City Council so that Council is brought up to speed on all Code Enforcement activities. The Officer also works hand in hand with many departments and administrators of the City to address any concerns.

Eyes & Ears Program

An 'eyes and ears' program has been established so that the men and women who are out on the road either keeping the community safe, maintaining the City infrastructure or just passing through know how to spot and report ordinance violations. This program is mostly utilized through the City Police Department and the Department of Public Works. However, all city staff is dedicated to the upkeep of our community.

Lodging a Complaint

Citizens of the City of Davison can lodge a complaint by:

It is now mandated that all complaints by accompanied by a name, address and telephone number of all complainants. This information will never be given out to residents and is protected by privacy laws under the Michigan Freedom of Information Act.

Thank You to Citizens

The Code Enforcement Officer would like to thank all of the residents of the City of Davison for their cooperation. Since July 1, 2006, over 2,250 code enforcement cases have been resolved peacefully with full compliance and with little involvement from the court system. This major achievement could not have been accomplished without the cooperation and dedication of City residents. Hats off to all of you, you have done a great job in keeping our community clean and safe.